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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Finaly Back

well it has been a while since i last posted. I don't know how long this stretch will go, but i hope to maintain it for a while.

Al0t has happened since my last post (obviously) but to be honest i really don't want to get into it right now. So as things come up and as I remember juicy tidbits here and there i will digress, so be prepared to be bounced around while reading. now on to what is happening to me currently.

I am a bit over a month into the fall semester. Its been a busy one so far (yes i know same old story). but this semester started off extra busy because on top of my course work and Assistantship, i was writing 2 proposals for a really big conference that is held in LA every spring. the deadline for the proposals was a couple of weeks ago. you would think that i have more time on my hand, and well i guess i do. But I do admit that i fell a bit behind on my readings for my classes while i was concentrating on the proposals. so now i am in catch up mode. one of my classes has a large amount of reading, which really isn't bad but I have been feeling i am not in my most efficient mode lately. I am scanning and converting most of my material myself (look to previous blogs on this process). i was able to get 2 of my 3 books electronic from the publishers but the 3rd book they didn't have electronic. so I have to scan it, unfortunately it is the hardest book to scan and convert. i did bring an extra copy over to my Universities disabled student services (DSS) office but they are overloaded and backed up. I need my reading materials at least 1 week before the due date so i have time to convert to audio and read them. this semester i have been lucky to get them on the day the readings are due. so i find myself doing the scanning anyway. Ok enough bitching.

in addition to my classes I am trying to finish up my pilot study. for my doc program we are required to complete a portfolio one of the pieces of that portfolio is a study to be submitted for publication. I have collected the research of my study now and am in the process of analyzing and writing up the results. My goal is to finish the study and have it submitted by the end of the spring semester. I had wanted to do allot of writing on it this past summer but life intervened and i lost my momentum and didn't accomplish much of anything. to be honest i think i am still trying to get that momentum back. I know it will come back, just not sure when.

On the bright side of things, i am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have one semester of courses after i finish this fall. so i should be complete with all my course work in May. my study should also be submitted for publication by then. so what that means is I should be ready to take my comprehensive exam next fall. then after my comps the only thing left is my Dissertation. the pilot study i am working on now is a pilot for my Dissertation. so as i said, i am starting to make it through.

Well i guess thats good for now. and i just want to remind you, that you will find multiple mistakes in this blog. I did not prof read it. and that is intentional for 2 reasons. 1) I am a student with LD and i want to give you a bit of that experience with my raw writing. and 2) i'm just lazy. i did spell check, only because i can't stand those "little red lines".